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Our Products

Wholesale Fish
Fish Stall
We offer a wide variety of frozen fish and seafood products and take care of the import and export to all countries in the MENA region.
The main species that we deal in are; Yellowfin Tuna, Silvery Grunt, Sea bream, Threadfin, Kingfish, Mahi Mahi, Grouper, Mackerel, Cuttle and Emperor fish, Lobster and Shrimp. At The Oman Food Company we can source any specific type of fish.  
Fruits & Vegetable
Produce Market
Import of Omani fruits & vegetables into Kuwait with fresh deliveries supplied to the Wholesale market.
Butcher's Cuts
Our company supplies prime beef meat (cuts) slaughtered in accordance to the Islamic principles. ​ Processed frozen meat products include: hamburgers, sausages and minced meat.
Napoleon Cake
Traditional sweets, created with high-quality ingredients sourced directly from Turkey.
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